Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ever feel like life is playing a cruel joke on you?

Joke #1: It is april sixth and  it has been snowing steadily all day, alternating between a heavy snowfall and a light dusting, since this morning.

Joke #2: I woke up with a horrible cold the day before I go on a five hour road trip to visit my grandma.

Joke #3... See joke #1. The snow has gone on long enough.

At least I had this broccoli soup and sweet potato fries to comfort me. Though the soup was creamy and had a good broccoli taste, it was a little bland for me. I think I'll revamp it a little bit. The fries were so good. I just salted them and sprinkled some paprika on them.

Hopefully a full night of sleep does me some good! I'm about to go take a cold tablet, crawl into bed and let myself sleep in a bit before spending half my day in a car!

snow, it's not going away

IMG_0179 by carajeanne88
IMG_0179, a photo by carajeanne88 on Flickr.

April 6th... more snow!